Impoundments are an important tool to provide water storage during flood events, reducing damages to roads, bridges, drainage systems, businesses, homesteads, and agricultural lands. Impoundments are also an opportunity to provide habitat to migrating species, and provide a tourist destination for bird watching. Although packed with benefits, impoundments are complicated projects, involving many landowners, many permitting agencies, and many funding partners.

The Bois de Sioux Watershed District has completed one impoundment project (North Ottawa Flood Impoundment), and is in the process of developing a second (the
Redpath Flood Impoundment and associated Mustinka River Rehabilitation Project).

North Ottawa Flood Impoundment

The North Ottawa Flood Impoundment Project began in 1989; construction was completed in 2016. This facility provides storage for spring floods, and is utilized year-round to provide natural resource enhancements - including unique opportunities for bird and waterfowl watching. More information about the North Ottawa Impoundment can be found here.

Directions: Located at 45.992261, -96.255545 |

From I-94: Take Exit 100, and head west on State Highway 27. Drive approximately 36 miles to Herman. At the four-way stop in Herman, take a right/head northwest onto State Highway 9. Drive 14.5 miles. Take a right/head east onto Grant County 95 for 2.5 miles.

From Wendell: Take County Road 11 south out of Wendell for 2.6 miles. Take a right/head west onto Grant County 42. Drive 7.5 miles.

From Fargo/Moorhead: Take Highway 75 south. Just before Doran, MN, follow the split for State Highway 9 and continue along State Highway 9 for 18.2 miles. Turn left/head east onto Grant County 95 for 2.5 miles.

Redpath Flood Impoundment & Mustinka River Rehabilitation Project

The Redpath Flood Impoundment and Mustinka River Rehabilitation Projects will be located in Traverse and Grant Counties, northwest of Norcross, Minnesota.  Over five miles of the Mustinka River will be re-meandered within a two-stage flood corridor channel.  The design recreates a natural river sinuosity with flow controls that will stabilize the channel and protect it from future erosion. Materials excavated from the rehabilitated Mustinka River two-stage channel will be used to build the north levy of the Redpath flood impoundment.  There is widespread support (from landowners, Grant & Traverse Counties, and state agency representatives) for the Redpath Flood Impoundment and Mustinka River Rehabilitation Projects.

Letters of Support:
Grant County Commissioners
Traverse County Commisioners
Flood Damage Reduction Work Group
Red Red Basin Commission
Red Red River Watershed Management Board

Financial Awards:

Financial awards have been provided by the Lessard Sams Outdoor Heritage Fund, the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources from the Minnesota environment and natural resources trust fund, the BWSR Clean Water Fund Legacy Act Projects and Practices and Mutlipurpose Drainage Management Grant, DNR Flood Hazard Mitigation Program, the Red River Watershed Management Board, and DNR Conservation Partners Legacy.

Please watch this video explaining these projects in more detail (available in HD here:


Please watch this video explaining these projects in more detail (available in HD here-


Ring Dikes are an important tool to provide protection to property during flood events. Landowners interested in building a ring dike should first fill out a permit application. Outside funding may be availabe. Please review the Ring Dike Cost Share Policy and Cost Share Agreement.