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Gage Site: 5 Twelvemile Creek near Wheaton, CR 14
(US COE Site)

Gage Site: 16 Twelvemile Creek near Dumont, CSAH 6
(US COE Site)

Gage Site: 23 Fivemile Creek near Herman, Hwy 27
(US COE Site)

Gage Site: 27 USGS: 05051000 - Rabbit River @ Campbell
(US COE Site)
(DNR 54017001)

Gage Site: 32 USGS 05049000Mustinka River above Wheaton, Hwy 75
(US COE Site)
(USGS 05049000)

Gage Site: 34 West Branch Twelvemile Creek @ Dumont
(US COE Site)

Gage Site: 49 Rabbit River near Campbell, Hwy 75
(US COE Site)

Gage Site: 53 Mustinka River near Norcross, TH 9
(US COE Site)

Gage Site: 57 Mustinka River near Wheaton, CSAH 9
(DNR 55060002)

Gage Site: 80 North Ottawa Impoundment to JD 2
(WaterLog site)

Gage Site: USGS 05046000
Ottertail River below Orwell Dam

(USGS 05046000)
(DNR 56065001)

Gage Site: USGS 05046475
Ottertail River Diversion @ Breckenridge

(USGS 05046475)
(US COE Site)

Gage Site: USGS 05050000
Bois de Sioux River near White Rock, SD

(USGS 05050000)
(US COE Site)

Gage Site: USGS 05051300
Bois de Sioux River near Doran

(USGS 05051300)
(US COE Site)

Gage Site: USGS 05051500
Red River of the North @ Wahpeton, ND

(USGS 05051500)
(US COE Site)
(NOAA Site)

Gage Site: DNR 55060002
Mustinka River near Wheaton

(DNR 55060002)

Stream Gage Locations Map

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